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Important Dates

  • Application Deadline: November 30, 2018
  • Annual reports due by March 1st each year


Contact Information

Janine MacIntyre
Support4Sport Coordinator

- Technical Leadership Employment Program

Applicants are encouraged to read the eligibility information noted here and ensure they meet the criteria before beginning an application. 

The Support4Sport Allocation Committee reviews the applications. The deadline for submitting applications will be strictly adhered to. All applicants can confirm receipt of the application through the URL provided. All applicants will be notified by email within five business days of the allocation committee's decision(s). 

Who Is Eligible?

This provides funding for PSOs to support new investments in full-time coaching for their organizations. Through the Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic, some funding already exists for PSOs who meet national standards in this area. Individuals filling these positions will act as the provincial coaches and technical development leaders for their respective organizations.

Funding contributions for full time Technical Directors or coaches of up to $35,000 will be available based on the criteria listed below. Full time positions funded through this program will have a minimum base salary requirement of $45,000 plus $2,500 as a salary RRSP option. PSOs are responsible for all costs including MERC (mandatory employee related costs such as CPP, EI and 4% vacation pay if applicable) above the $35,000 financial commitment from the Support4Sport program. Part time positions receive support of $16,250 with the PSO required to contribute to meet a minimum base salary of $22,500 plus $1,250 as salary or RRSP contribution.

Funding amount: $450,000

Funding criteria/evaluation:
Criteria for funding from this program will include the following:

1. Minimum Sport Development Tool scoring requirements through Technical Leadership Employment Scorecard.

2. Sport Development Tool tiering and scoring.

3. Provincial and Organization Long Term Athlete Development implementation.

4. Coach Plan - Ability of the position to impact the plan.

5. Technical support for plan design and delivery (e.g. who is responsible for delivery, what are their qualifications).

6. Historical athlete/team performance (Excellence pillar for Coaches)

7. Potential to produce national and international level athletes (Excellence pillar for Coaches).

8. Budget including amount of Provincial Sport Organization's financial contribution to the position and operational expenses.

Evaluations of programs receiving funding for coach employment will be based on agreed upon measures of the plan and an examination of the criteria listed above.

Allocation process:
Funding commitments will be for three years, with the exception of the first allocations, which may be extended by up to six months. Decisions on allocations will be made by a Support4Sport review committee with representation from Sport Nova Scotia, the Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic, the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage, and one representative from the coaching community.

Application/allocation timeline:
Applications should be submitted by November 30th, 2018 and will be reviewed by the Support4Sport committee.

Reporting Process/Timeline:
100% of funds will be provided with successful acceptance of application. Annual reports are due by March 1st each year. Funding for the following year will not be provided until annual report from previous year is received. Reports must include:

1. Outline of program and key benefits to the sport.
2. Copy of coach assessment
3. Outline of other PSO support for coach
5. Outline of actual budget. 
Any organization receiving funding who does not submit a final report will be ineligible to receive funding from Support4Sport programs.

If you have any questions, please contact Janine MacIntyre at Sport Nova Scotia at 902-425-5450, Ext. 372, or by e-mail at